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Puchase woes

K, I bought 2 items from a certain retailer that is on ASC retailer list. BB's and a pinion gear. The pinion gear I got had a chipped tooth, and wear on all of the upper part of every tooth. The retaining screw was also already installed on it with grit around it. This thing looked very used, and I couldnt believe what I was looking at. First thing came to mind was that the new one was taken and swapped with a used one. After this I checked the bb's. I found 4 bb's, without looking very hard, that had big dimples or imperfections in them (manufacture problem it looked like). Suposedly Elite BB's all in an unlabled ziplock bag. After firing a couple I found one that had split in half after fireing it into cardboard, but some did hit a hard surface behind. A new pinion was promised to me so I simmered down a bit. I wont purchase from said retailer again and am very tempted to post a dissatisfied post about thier site regardless of the minor cost of the items. On top of this, I ordered a new gun which is having problems with bb's drifting off the sight picture (discussed in the Doc section).
Im very choked, but am giving the sellers the benifit of the doubt till I have no choice but to outright blame. Including perhaps user error in the case of the gun. Im a new one in the airsoft world, but is this somthing typical to expect? Or am I expecting too much?
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