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Originally Posted by swatt13 View Post
the battery takes all the dumb out of the situation. its a peak charger so essentially you cant over charge your battery. however since its a peak charger, it doesnt "fill" up the battery. the best analogy i got was like filling a glass of beer, the foam makes the glass full, but settles down and theres more room for a charge, so when it peaks and goes back to trickle (beeping) just click it back to fast one more time to fill it all the way up.

i have found with this charger though every couple of times it will do a "dry" charge like you described (charge batt, but will either be dead first shot, or shortly after) dunno why... mostly happens with minis i found.
Ahhh gravy. Was hoping it was just a fluke thing. Thanks muchly.

And kudos for the beer analogy! Assistance with a brewy twist. Gotta love that.

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