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How safe is it to charge a 1200mah stick off a car battery with this charger? I'm assuming that there is no way it will drain a car battery dry off 2 or 3 charges eh? Or should I keep the engine running to avoid a dead battery? (never was good with electronics)

And anyone have probs with this thing undercharging batteries? I charged the aforementioned stick battery using the lowest setting per a battery/charger faq I read earlier. It charged for about 1.5 - 2 hours then went to trickle charge and started beeping. "whee its done" I thought. 2 days later I stick it in the rifle, get through about 2.5 lowcaps and its done. (wasn't subjected to cold temps in the intern)

Haven't managed a full battery charge with this thing yet, and don't want to crank the settings and wreck a battery till I get some more informed info.
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