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Yes, we are both correct (boy are we smart). Flaming is necessary, so we can't outright ban it. But going overboard is also bad. So we must be able to have some flaming.

But when new guys with 787 posts in 3 months (and likely don't own a gun either) start flaming, then there's a problem.

And for the new guy on the end of it, he needs to buck up a bit. This isn't a country club. We aren't here to answer "which gun is teh bezt". A responsible player will do his own work, answer his own questions. Those are the players you want out there, not just any kid who thinks this is cool and can afford a gun. They need to be off of here and on a field first.

Hey, maybe that's an idea. You can't sign up here unless a member knows you personally, like you actually have been to a game, as a player or interested-future-player. Why not add another level of bureaucracy to ASC?
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