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If you can't stand a little heat on an internet forum, how can you possibly control yourself on the field while under fire? Will you pull the trigger out of fear, or will you be composed enough to stay calm?

A little flaming for laziness or irresponsibility is not only necessary, but it serves a greater purpose. Weeding out the unfit, or unstable.

That being said, I'm usually not the first person to lay into anyone, but if you post of illegal or retarded crap, I'll say something. And why not. ASC may be a haven of flame-whores, but there is at least a smidge of self-regulation here. If a guy posts up about making a gun out of real parts for example, and nothing was posted to show the displeasure of the community, it would be perceived by those on the outside as being acceptable. The next step would be investigation, then prosecution.

Think I'm an alarmist, or that "those things" don't happen in Canada? You'd likely be shocked at what government search engines dig up each day.
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