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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
But then again, Pro Paintballers are decked out like corporate whores and play on speedball fields. They're probably even offensive to woodsballers. They're basically just walking billboards for the industry.

It's like comparing someone who owns a high end sports car to a NASCAR driver.
What you said is true, pro paintballers are generally corporate whores, but in the paintball world most rec players can't stand pro players because of their elitist attitude. But I also see that on here and on the airsoft playing fields. I have always felt that there is no such thing as a stupid question, unless you already know the answer, then its a stupid question. When I started out on these forums, I watched ppl get flamed for asking a simple question, because their new or not age verified. I have tried to read through all the threads, but sometimes its easier to have someone point you to where you need to go, not just say read the #$%^ing threads noob. Don't get me wrong there are some threads on here that are just plain stupid. So why not just ignore then instead of acting like a pro paintballer.
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