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Originally Posted by Sergeantmajor View Post

Greylocks is actually a great member IMO, he puts ppl right in there place and is pretty much straight forward.
that comment was meant as a compliment not an insult, I've traded BB's with Grey @OPCT 1 and i would gladly do so again.

Greylocks is the only one left from all of us that still have the patience and breath to entertain, the rest of us just want play and leave the politics and quarrel out of it. For majority of us when we start playing there are no politics, no flaming, in fact majority of the newer player get to know airsoft by observing team Hot Shot, SD unit, AMC or team STAT play at paintball city, wasaga, splatters or the old flag raiders field. I still remember when Poncho will organised games sometimes weeks or months ahead of the date and we will end up with more players than anticipated because some new guys heard that we are playing and they would like to join. I remember loaning 6 -7 of my personal highly Modded AEG to players vouched by Poncho or Will with no charge.

Now it seems to me that being a forum tough guy matters more than being a respected player in the field. Too many cry babies have ruined this game, now instead of playing with common sense like we used to do, we have to put restriction like mercy rules and banning people from games for stupidity that happen on the field and every couple of months topic like this gets created by new players without the thought of maybe they themselves should play more to gained more experience before starting to organize or educate others.

Just because you shoot the real thing does not make you an expert in airsoft (it helps), airsoft is similar to real steel but it's experience is far from the real thing.

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