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Originally Posted by szetor View Post
"it is airsoft" isn't airsoft a community sport though?? how can we focus less on the community..
A healthy community is built through airsofting, not talking about airsofting. Good organization is done by people who recognize deficiencies experienced in playing airsoft, not by people who hypothesize about deficiencies based on a forum about airsoft.

anyways, no matter what.. airsoft is gonna be an "underground" sport
i think the only way to get new players is to introduce some buddies.
It is for the most part an underground sport. Comes from using things are we're technically not suppose to be able to buy and sell at all. That's one of the basics you need to grasp before talking about anything else. And airsoft is heavily based on word-of-mouth, the more you play the more apparent that is.
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