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Originally Posted by GraveTech View Post
You go do that, give PBers an even worse name, make the situation worse, and we'll all laugh as you and your buddies get hauled off to jail. Yes I know you were joking.
Personally, I feel paintballers have given themselves enough of a bad name, they don't need me to do that anymore. BUT THAT'S JUST MY OPINION! The few paintball games that I've been to, I've met some real jackasses. I'd say at least 75% of the people I've played with (and I'd say there was at least 30 people at each of the three games I played) were complete jerks and played reaaaaallllyy dirty. I know they don't speak for the entire painball population and I'm sure there are plenty of great paintballers out there, and yes, I know there are plenty of airsofters who are assholes too, but my point is this.

Personally, as long as we still have places to play airsoft, I couldn't be bothered with what the paintballers do or where they play. I've never had the chance to play at FR, but I've heard it's a great place! Hope it stays open.
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