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I'm not going to bore anyone with a diatribe about municipal law. But when I read the article the whole things sounds like a serious CF. Counsel were going to vote on the issue without having gotten a legal opinion? Some ding dong staffer handing out ONE PAGE of the Planning Act just before the meeting to try and make a point? Absolutely disgraceful.

Municipal politics is one of the places that your voice can be heard. Well written letters to counsel on the issue will have an impact, especially from tax paying residents.

The owner should note the following:

City staff recommended against allowing the operation to stay open again under a temporary use bylaw because it's not permitted under the city or Waterloo Region official plans. Flag Raiders should apply to make its land use legal under the official plan, staff said.
A good municipal lawyer could well get FR a permanent place in the area if that is the owner's goal. They ain't cheap, but what is. I have enjoyed a number of games there and am hopeful they will be able to keep the doors open.

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