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Originally Posted by madmaty View Post
SUMMIGLING is ILLEGAL why not do the simple task of carrying it in the LEGAL mannor and declaring it at the border? The worst that will happen is they will tell you that you are not allowed to bring it in. You will be politly turned away and given the chance to return it to the store. Or so I read in a post in this forums. I would provide a link to the post, but I am too lazy to go and look for it. It is not like most of us will be brining home 1000 guns at once. But I do not belive that they will stop you if
A> You only have 1 or possible 2
B> You didnt look like a compleate idiot
C> You carryed it in a legal way (ie in your trunk, or a locked container)
D> Could prove if questioned that it could not be modifyed to fire real bullets (witch might take basic knowlage or airsoft guns and how they work)
Because in Canada, the conditions you listed mean absolutely JACK. We have this little law, nothing too major, that states that any device resembling a firearm (a real firearm that exists, not some "space ray gun" crap), is illegal. It has nothing to do with what you look like, or where you carry it in your vehicle, or whether you declare a prohibited device.

Nunchucks and throwing stars are illegal, and have been for years. Do you think if you declared them at the border, that they'd just let you bring them in?

Read the FAQs.
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