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If you look at the costs of paintball compared to airsoft in the long run, airsoft is cheap. I think of it in those terms. By the time you've finished paying for ammo playing paintball, you've just bought yourself an AEG in a few months. Where as airsoft I bought a $800.00 AEG and 4000 rds it costs me $20 and it lasts me for a long time and I generally play every weekend or second weekend depending on my schedule. It's nice when all I have to pay is field fees $10. My buddy spends $400 a month on paintball and that's just ammo and CO2 and field fee of course. Though granted airsoft prices in canada are pretty high but I guess in the end it's how bad do you want to play. I'd love to see more people get into this sport and maybe make airsoft a little more main stream.

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