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they maybe arent the same in location, but at heart we are all sportsmen??

has anyone tried contacting a local group out there?....talking with them and maybe TRYING to get some feed back from them?

and the answer to your other comment SM.....yes.....
maybe not to the point of attending an event the size of keystone, but on a local level here there are some 'more mature' interested persons, from both sexes I might add, that at least try the weapons we use and have a much better understanding of exactly what Airsoft is and is all about.
You have to understand by putting a 'professsional' (for lack of a better discription) presentation forward, doors opened. Ask anyone within SIR.

With over 1300 members as I previously stated, 6.5% or roughly 50 members have expressed an interest in airsoft and what airsoft is all about. What better way to showcase what we do. Where could you find a better environment to show off the sport??? And all of this has occured within the first year.

What have you got to lose by asking??
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