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"Going to ranges where people shoot real guns isn't such a great idea. most of the shooters are way older then average airsoft players and would probably laugh at 6mm bb's."

I would have to totally disagree with this comment SM. Our club here in Victoria is part of a larger association consisting of over 1300 members, all involved in different shooting disciplines. Included in that is IPSC, PPC, skeet and trap shooters, cowboy and frontier shooters, black powder etc etc. After doing a presentation to the Executive members of the association, and following to a general meeting, we were welcomed with open arms. Not one person in either the general or executive meetings showed ANY concerns as to what we do nor showed any animosity towards us. As an airsoft club we have access to some of the best facilities available, and an airsoft playing grounds that would be second to none anywhere in Canada. And we get this all for a set yearly fee. $90. Members of all ages within the association have expressed an interest in what we do, and are very complimentary as to the levels we take it, especially in regards to safety.
If ya want to see exactly the facilities I am talking about have a look here..

Best advice I could give any airsoft club in Canada, would be contact your local outdoor shooting sports facility, or club. You maybe very surprised by the reaction you receive, especially if you put forward a well thought out and professional presentation.


EDIT: Twice every month the Black Powder group has its regular shoot, complete with cannons. If you want some realistic background noise to your game days.....this is awesome!!

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