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Romeo Sierra, dunno where you play (since you apparently couldn't be bothered to fill out your location), but as Red Tiger pointed out there are plenty of games with 30, 50 or 100+ players. So I can only guess the real problem is you live out in the sticks. Or are underaged and have nowhere to play (you arent verified and didn't bother filling out your age, either).

As someone once said on another thread, you might be the nicest and best intentioned person face to face, but online we can only judge you by what and how you write. And if some n00b comes on typing like an idiot, and asking idiotic questions, then the impression we get is that he is an idiot.

...and nobody wants to be friends with the idiot.

There's plenty of new people who come on and do well. We "notice" the 'tards because they get flamed and it draws attention. But I know there are new players who do just fine.

Brian McIlmoyle pretty much nailed it.
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