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Its funny how everyone says how they aren't assholes most of the time, and they don't flame, but when someone brings up a problem, most people are quick to say how its not going on, and that this topic is brought up over and over again, ironic eh? To tell you the truth, if I have question, I e-mail other airsoft people, or go onto a different forums to ask because I am usually afraid that i will get flamed and told to "use the search button"; I usually just lurk around on these forums and read stuff, but I only ask questions as an absolute last resort. The sport may be growing, but just because its growing, doesn't mean more people will show up to games. If you really think about, this is a fun hobby. People can collect guns they have always wanted, and even better, they get to shoot people with them! Its a hobby for people to meet new people who share a common intrest, and you make new friends, and get some fresh air and excercise. So with this in mind, why do people have to act like they have something shoved up there ass? If we flamed every new person who came here because they don't make an impressive first impression, then this sport will die. People just need to relax! Were guys who dress up in camo and shoot little plastic bb's and each other with toy guns, not neon colored speedballers.
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