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you are right about going to games. i would love to go to more myself, but i dont want to spend the $50 to rent a gun, when xmas and xmas money is just around the corner. some people are perhaps in the same boat (though i HAVE been to games and paid the $$$ to rent), they might just save up all those $50 can buy a gun. The problem is, when they get to like $300 in their savings, they come on here to ask which gun is the best for that amount of money. which brings us back to greylocks point about going to games and renting guns to learn the ropes. You should never get into a sport no matter what without playing it first. Even though i KNEW i would love airsoft without having to play it, i still participated in some games. i think we just have to learn to accept that this problem of people asking the same questions over and over again is infinite. we should just learn to accept it and rise above it as that is our job as vets of the sport (me excluded obviously). i think that we should somehow make it so that you HAVE to read the stickies before your account becomes activated or something like that, or make the FAQ button in the middle of the page so that people cannot miss it. i know that when i first joined up, i missed it, but once i was "politely" directed to it, it was relatively smooth sailing from there. thats just my 2 cents though...
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