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If you try

To get your indoctrination into this sport through an online forum... you will get all the crap the comes with it.

Smart new players.. come on here... read.. figure out whats what and whos who and connect via PM or by going to a game..

These are the type of players we want in the community... NOOB or not they have passed the first test...and will be (usually) welcomed...

I have successfully culled a great number of new players from here.. who never posted on ASC.. but PMed me and asked to come out to TTAC3.

Most of these players have gone on to be active and solid contributers to the community..

ASC is not the airsoft community... the airsoft community exists in the the various teams, and groups that participate in the actual activity of military simulation and skirmish.. at places where that happens...

The illusion of community here... is exactly that... an illusion.. this place is rife with trolls and chair-softers who typically don't own airsoft guns.. or have never actually participated in the activity.. except maybe once or twice with a borrowed gun.. yet feel completly enpowered to pontificate based only on the virtue of their post count...

New players... you want in ... you want to learn the ropes... PM someone who has a clue... and find yourself a mentor.. it will save you time money and keystrokes...
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