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Originally Posted by Sergeantmajor View Post
can't they come up with some argument about "local economy" ?? that could be good IMO.

i seriously hate it when ppl complain for no reason...the I go to a shooting range and there's this dumb ass neighbor who put little pieces of wood in the lock of the front gate...the president of the club had to replace it. we also had vandalism and we had to put a camera on the front gate...
Does not change the fact that their operation contaveines the foundational legal document that defines the municipality.

you can say it is stupid all you want.. the fact is without plans and controls on what goes where in a municipality.. you get some serious headaches.

You only need to look in 3rd world countries to see what you get in unplanned communities.... we call them "slums" or "shanty towns"

In this case someone we give a crap about is getting the downside of such planning... we all get the upside, even if we don't know it or appreciate it.
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