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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
It's not the "pros" who are doing the flaming of new guys. It's the dumbasses who joined 4 months ago and have something to prove or a rep to establish. Just like in the real world.

Most of the "pros" won't say too much, unless someone is way out of line. Then, just like in the real world, the shit hits the fan.

Don't believe me? Go spend a half-hour surfing the trash bin, and notice who does the posting. And those are only the threads that haven't been deleted.
+1. He's right. A lot of the vets i know rarely post or flame here. Its people like me who do most of the flaming, Been around here for a couple of months and did all the research and reading necessary so know I know most of the answers to the questions that the noobs ask. That being said, i DONT flame anyone, im just using myself as an example cause i fit the description that mcguyver is talking about.
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