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new players, promoting the sport, organizing

hey, i noticed alot of people bashing eachother on here. i don't care what you guys do but here's food for thought.

since i started playing there has been a huge decline in players and i've only been playig for about 3 years. i'm sure the seizures, confiscations and changes to laws have had there effects as well. yes and i know it is winter.

i think we should try and promote the sport, try and make the community bigger! yes noobs suck, but eventually they get better. i'm sure everyone sucked at some point. and i'm sure some of you guys that think you are pros, are fat slobs that can't even bend over to pick up their mags.

and yea noobs post up dumb questions, and ask questions that are irrelevant or repeated. i think they should be told once; no one is making ou read these forums. and if they are repeat offenders then yes, i believe they should be put in there place. i hate idiots just as much as the next person.

so i'm curious to see how we can promote our sport, get more people involved, encourage, not discourage. who knows, an increase in population, will increase demand and perhaps we can get some "good" attention. this may lead to more stores being available, and pricing be comparable to our brothers around the world. prices that i'm sure are holding players back as well.

i'm not exactly sure how we could do this, but i'm sure there are alot of people around that feel the way i do.

a few friends and i were thinking of setting up a tournament at the indoor facility in richmond. it's not open to airsofter's yet, but i am friends with the owners niece, and she is looking into it for me.

the sport isn't new in canada, yet everyone i talk to doesn't understand.

in other parts of the world, they play some pretty intense games, and are very well organized(not to put any of my clubs down) but my experiences in hawaii, and parts of asia have led me to believe we can do alot more with our sport/hobby than we have achieved so far. perhaps even some ipsc shooting? i'm not into it, but if we had some sort of event at a real range, perhaps we could draw in more players there as well.

maybe some of you guys think the ommunity is big enough, but i'm tired of going to games and have only 6 or 7 guys there.

i haven't read into this topic at all so i hope i'm not one of those idiots. lol, but i wanted to rant about something.

hockey softball and even curling have scheduled leagues events tourneys etc. maybe one day we too can have these exciting things to look forward to. not just the casual drop in games.

just my 2 cents. thanks
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