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The issue is

Ever expanding Urban sprawl.

FR when founded was not under the jurisdiction of the city of Cambridge Offical plan.. but over the years municipalities have been forced to amalgamate to acheive economies of scale while the provicial government downloads more and more onto them..

Somewhere the land that FR is on got gobbled up and is now subject to the official plan of the Municipality,,

This is a binding document ... and governs all land use... if the use is not in the plan... it can't be done..

Sound like the counsel already gave them a pass 2 times... and they knew that this was going to happen...

I went through this to get approval for FTF... had to meet with the Bylaw officer... we reviwed the official plan .. and confirmed that the use was legal.

Sounds like FR has been on shaky ground for a while... and knew that their land use was outside of the plan.

Too bad... the times I have been there.. I liked it.
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