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Originally Posted by GraveTech View Post
Just a note, there aren't many neighbours (two in the immediate vinicity; one across the road, and one a few hundred meters over an open field with no trees around it), it's on the flight pattern for the airport which is less than 2km away, it's about 5km from SafetyKleen's plant... there is no urban development etc.There are also numerous dirt bike and atv tracks around that area.

FR not only has the outdoor field, but an indoor field and a pro shop, so not all of the 60 people will lose their jobs (right away, who nows what the long term looks like). If they look hard enough, they may be able to find land in one of the surrounding regions, which aren't too far from the current location (30 minutes, tops).

Here's hoping FR pulls through this, and we will have a place to play (and maybe help set-up) next summer.

Doesn't matter to the neighbors, or neighbor as the case may be. Once they start the wheels turning there's no stopping them. Calling in favors with the family lawyer for advice, over the fence chats with the elected officials, calls to the papers and so on.

What to do? Staff has to police the players on field re noise, language, arcs of fire. Players have to police themselves to and fro.

The owners of the field need to bring the media, city councilors, etc. on site to show why it's not a problem. Remind them of taxes, local employment, and money spent by visitors. Remind them of the benefit of having a controlled environment as an outlet for this type of activity vs kids running around their yards, streets, and public parks.

Look into what's going to be put on the property afterwards, pig farm maybe? Depending on the zoning what replaces the field could be much worse for the area residents.

Any guerilla attacks on the squeaky wheel in the area will backfire. She simply needs to show the local media that she's being subject to a campaign of harassment and any potential positives of the area will evaporate.
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