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Fuck cocksucking bible thumping pansies, I swear. Problems with foul language???? What fucking century do we live in? For fuck sakes..

On that note I'm really getting pissed off at people in the Waterloo Region in general. Every fucking little thing....some soccer mom or beaurocrat with nothing better to do with their pointless life (other than church) has to go nit-pick and find a fucking problem with. Seriously, the people in this city and it's obviously the tri-city area in general are the whinyest bunch of little bitches on the ENTIRE planet. If you visit here for a couple days, you can bet your ass you'll run into some technicality with one of the oodles of stupid by-laws and various other dumb things the governments have going on around here.

That's what you get when you give people one of the best standards of life in the whole fucking world though. They just get selfish, greedy, bitchy, whiney and turn into first class, born again pansy's.

rideout, I think it's justified if....You tell me who this bitch is who complains for the sake of complaining and I'll stop by and light a bag of flaming dog shit on her door step.. and I'll even label it "flaming bag of SHIT" just to piss her off.

Seriously though, time for us to boycott Cambridge or something now. We have to do something....

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