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Originally Posted by Amos View Post
If they're so worried about the swamplands being poluted...

Shouldn't some one bring up the fact that paintballs are made out of a dish-soap like corn syrup and BB's are biodegradable?

i work at flag raiders and paintballs are maid of vegtable oil and food coloring witch are biodegradable. the people say that lots of people are having complaints, thats a dam lie there's only one lady who bitches about it and she lives farther then the guy next door and he dosnt have a problem at all with the noise. this lady who always complains about the noise can't do anything anyway's becausethe law states that after 11:00pm exesive noise is not aloud not before. when we would be having the all night airsoft games she would have her music cranked and we could hear it from the field. at the field there are about 70-80 people working at a time not just 60. yes there have been some players there (mostly paintballers) who have been doing stupid stuff but never anything to piss somone off.
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No, but the pope was phone.
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