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Originally Posted by Jugglez View Post
Either way if you want to broker your own shipment, once you have the tracking from the sender, call into the courier immediately and tell them you want to broker it yourself.

They will call you once it reaches the Point of Entry and they'll tell you where you can complete the paperwork for CBSA.
ahh that explains everything! That was the missing piece of the puzzle. Call courier once you get tracking number. Gotcha. Thanks Jugglez!!!

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edit found this

"There is a way to avoid paying the brokerage fee. Instead of the courier company clearing customs, you can do the job. All it takes is a little leg work.
That's what Shannon Fontaine did. She was determined not to pay the $34 brokerage fee on flashing safety belts, a gift from her brother in Florida, worth about $75.
She refused the package when it was delivered to her door. Another option is to tell the company you're buying from to clearly mark on the package that you will take care of clearing customs.
The Canadian Couriers Association recommends telling the company to mark this information clearly on the waybill as well.
Once the package arrives you should be notified.
Here's what you do next:
You'll need to get the waybill from the courier company.
Once you get the waybill, head to customs to pay any duty or taxes that are owing.
Make sure you also have an invoice or something to prove the value of your delivery.
After that, it's back to the courier company to pick up your package."

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