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Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
WTF? Why the hell would they yell at you? Seems like a bad way of making you not come back and actually BUY something from them.
I don't know may be that guy had bad day? But believe me Hong Kong is like that sometimes, depending on area/situation customer service in Hong Kong is below average, except of course fancy place/restaurant/mall/hotel and etc...

Just cultural thing. When city is 24/7 hours and people being impatience and etc... (includes kids, I had 7 year old kid say shit behind my back, I turn around and... that's different story). its part of a daily life in Hong Kong, I was glad when I return to Canada.

Word of Advise, be firm when you're there not too soft and not too hard :P
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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
The plush dogs were cool.

Don't let the dog haters and plushy haters get to you, man. ANYONE can post pictures of their guns, but it takes a special breed of man to post a picture of his guns with plushies!
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