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I when I went back to Hong Kong just a month and week ago. I walk in their store, i'll tell ya tons of G&P stuff. So later on I wanted to purchase a Guarder Full tune up kit for G36 (I was surprised that they had it lol). So, I waited for them to get it from their storage, however at the last min they say they ran out. So, okay no worries.. They ask me to come back later in a week or so.

When I was about to leave I forgot to ask them for business card for their address next time I travel back. All of sudden, one of the staff member yell at me in Cantonese ask me to leave and go to another store. So, I left and finger them and bought the tune up kit from a store not far from them. That was my wonderful experience with WAR IV and I'm not dealing with them anymore regardless.

Den Trinity is better than WAR IV, but they also have bad customer experience. If you want something in Hong Kong or anywhere else, be straight up and give them their product code no question ask and no talk lol.

Some guys don't even know firearm names so I have to refer them as something else translated in Cantonese lol...

My Uber Trading feedback:

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The plush dogs were cool.

Don't let the dog haters and plushy haters get to you, man. ANYONE can post pictures of their guns, but it takes a special breed of man to post a picture of his guns with plushies!

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