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Originally Posted by FOX_111 View Post
Some people said sniping is not enjoyable... Well it depend on your taste.
If you like to run with the boys, sniping sux.
If you love to do team manuvers, sniping sux.
If you love to patrol, sniping sux.
If you love to shoot, sniping sux.
If you love fancy combat vests and heavy armor, sniping sux.
If you hate to crawl and get dirty, sniping sux.
If you can't dress for the weather, sniping sux a lot!

But if you enjoys stalking people, being alone or in pair and relaying infos, sniping will be very enjoyable.

Most new snipers lack patience. That,s what make sniping boring and difficult for them. You can't go running in the wood in search of a target. Most of the time, you have to set an ambush for your target. Or slowly crawl to it.
Well said. I'll add that depending on the nature of the game, mission type, objectives and such, there is occasionally not much use of a sniper unless it's just to play psych games on teh other team, set the worry in them that they could get hit at any time. But that role can be filled by anyone literally. But holy hell is it great fun to make the other team nervous with your hit & run tactics!!! Even attacking a base and focusing on only shooting base walls once in a while is a blast. I recall one game was about 150ft to the nearest wall of a 80' x 80' base, I'd hit the walls near guys heads who were on the look out for my team who was moving into position. For the heck of it I lobed BBs 250ft away to the OTHER side of the base and hit those walls also. Kept the defenders heads down as well as kept them guessing how many snipers there were. And they KNEW it was sniper(s) harrassing them because of the whoosh of 0.36g BBs and the loud noise they made when hitting plywood walls.
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