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Some people said sniping is not enjoyable... Well it depend on your taste.
If you like to run with the boys, sniping sux.
If you love to do team manuvers, sniping sux.
If you love to patrol, sniping sux.
If you love to shoot, sniping sux.
If you love fancy combat vests and heavy armor, sniping sux.
If you hate to crawl and get dirty, sniping sux.
If you can't dress for the weather, sniping sux a lot!

But if you enjoys stalking people, being alone or in pair and relaying infos, sniping will be very enjoyable.

Most new snipers lack patience. That,s what make sniping boring and difficult for them. You can't go running in the wood in search of a target. Most of the time, you have to set an ambush for your target. Or slowly crawl to it.

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