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Originally Posted by Jugglez View Post
You can choose to broker your own shipments, it's your right. You just need to let the courier know a head of time... expect a wait time of 45 minutes to several hours at the CBSA office. Some days it's like a zoo. When you broker your own shipment there is no brokerage fee, because you are doing it yourself.

If it's coming through CP I would just pay the $5 or $8 brokerage and let them them do it.

thanks for the info.
So the CBSA office has nothing to do with the CP sortation plant in Mississauga? For sure $8 with CP I would let them do it. But UPS are rip off artists, a few years back I got dinged $60 on a $180 order from the states, but I thought the only way to do the work myself was to go to the border to get the parcel with paperwork.

For example if I had a UPS parcel, I can go to the CBSA office office to do the brokerage work and get my parcel?

edit ok found it

edit 2 Actually it is very close if not part of the same CP sortation building.

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