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Related question:
In this article

"Then there's the problem of clearing customs.Do you pay a private courier service, like UPS Canada, a customs brokerage fee, which can run between $20 and $70, to expedite it for your? Or do you ship through the postal service, which charges a flat $5 fee, but may take longer to deliver? Or do you avoid the fees altogether by making a trip to the customs office in Mississauga?"

Does this mean we can go to the Mississagua sortation plant to do the customs paperwork and have much lower fee? Anyone have the experience?

You can choose to broker your own shipments, it's your right. You just need to let the courier know a head of time... expect a wait time of 45 minutes to several hours at the CBSA office. Some days it's like a zoo. When you broker your own shipment there is no brokerage fee, because you are doing it yourself.

If it's coming through CP I would just pay the $5 or $8 brokerage and let them them do it.
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