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Originally Posted by Sniper Steve View Post
Ok, am I the only person who thinks this is stupid? I'm pretty should you do not need an airsoft gun to live. Thus you can wait to get age verified. I am pretty sure you can get new ID cards seeing as my buddy lost his wallet a month ago. After you get your ID that you lost you get verified and you will not need your brother.

Unless you really are not 18...
I'd like to know how, the only way I've found to even get my birth certificate back is to have a " Guarantor " (a reputable person whos known me for more than 2 years) And I don't really have that, I asked me probation officer to do it but he declined (Don't worry, I wasn't on probation for stupid things, just skipping school) If I still lived at my old address I could've had a replacement health card sent but unfortunately I've moved. Oh and I'm not 18, I'm 19 :P

Trust me, once I get ahold of some ID I'll get age verified, but until I figure out a way to get atleast 1 piece of my ID back I'm screwed.
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