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Originally Posted by LUTNIT View Post

My biggest gripe with snipers is newb snipers, not because they don't work so well because they don't have the experience but because they can't judge distances, panic sometimes, etc. etc. I've been shot in the throat from a 399fps normal AEG from a newb from under 10' because he didn't know to call a surrender instead of shooting, nor did he aim for the torso by default but the head. If I was in control anyone starting airsoft would be limited to 325fps for the first year or 20 games, which ever came first. That of course is another story.

Does not have Norris doll, Does not have impenetrable wall of empty beer cans, No trail of ghille burlap, and no sponge bob-square pants impression boots! Yeah Stalker I think Ronan's cheating on you with another sniper!

LUTNIT, you already know I agree with your statements, but the fun thing is when you get your sights on a "vet" and call surrender on him, and he turns and shoots yelling "I surrender to no one!" That whole thing just makes it annoying as hell. And when I did it I had my APS in hand because I was firing shots much further down range and the person close enough I didn't have time to draw my side arm. If I would had fired I am positive the round could have done some damage. I didn't fire but he did, just a stock gun so it didn't hurt or anything but it sure leaves a sour taste in your mouth when shit like that happens.

Overall the sniper rifle is an illusive airsoft item for most in general I do believe. Everyone gets their hands on one and expects it to be something like a real one, insanely accurate. But fail to realise that feet in airsoft is tens of yards in real steel. A lot of them get discouraged because rounds are not sitting on top each other at 100ft. And fail to take the time to figure out how to control the round that far out, like Stalker talks about. Also the biggest advantage that a bolt action rifle can give you over an AEG is silence. A TM M14 can be pretty quiet for an AEG, but still makes noise. A gas M700 would be hard to hear at 10 ft, and some spring rifles ((yeah we know Stalker)) can hardly by heard standing beside! If you can control your movement, and not get spotted, you'll have lots of time to cycle the bolt. But if you do, its most handy to have your primary there ready to grab and be able to return fire while making a speedy retreat to try and sneak in again.

Also I should point out that I am just kidding about Stalker, he never does drink on the field.

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