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Um, that can't possibly be Stalker

If you want to go SPR, get a PTW and a DOFF custom 6.01mm 510mm long tightbore and an M150 cylinder running a 12V battery. Other than that leave airsoft armalites for, well, the garbage can.

I'm building myself a PTW SPR for next summer and have already figured out how to work the slings so I can have my PTW CQB-R on me at the same time and be able to swap between them really fast. I'm gunning for more of the designated marksman rifle, ~450fps, not 550fps like some PTW users in Asia and Europe.

My biggest gripe with snipers is newb snipers, not because they don't work so well because they don't have the experience but because they can't judge distances, panic sometimes, etc. etc. I've been shot in the throat from a 399fps normal AEG from a newb from under 10' because he didn't know to call a surrender instead of shooting, nor did he aim for the torso by default but the head. If I was in control anyone starting airsoft would be limited to 325fps for the first year or 20 games, which ever came first. That of course is another story.

My definition of a sniper rifle in airsoft: any weapon in the hands of someone who knows how to use it REALLY well. Stalker has made kills with his MP5 that less experienced players can't make with a 500fps sniper rifle.

I agree with Stalkers comment about any gun over 400fps should not be a primary and anyone found walking around with it willy nilly like when on patrol should be asked to not use it anymore that day, put it back in their car trunk. Its not called a "SPECIAL purpose rifle" for nothing.

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