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Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
Good job, I salute you, too many people have been buying semi-auto sniper rifles lately.
Some of us are unfortunately left handed with a rifle, makes it damned inconvenient when all the ones on the market are right handed :P.

APSIISV is a perfect starter bolt action rifle. Parts are easy to get, perhaps not as easy the TM VSR-10, but easy enough. The rifle is built solid and has tonnes of external accessories available for it as well. However if you do get one of these, the best upgrade part you'll want is the PDI adj. hop-up unit; this will not only get you adj. hop-up but actually let you use AEG barrels, so you can go tightbore and longer lengths. More info on the APSII if you want to look into it:

But I'm pining for a CAM24, might just have to learn to shoot on the other shoulder...

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