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Originally Posted by Skruface View Post
Riiiiight. Because it doesn't matter how effective it is, being a l33t sn1p@r is all about the looks.

The V2 mechbox is about one of the worst to base a sniper platform off of, especially the Armalite variants. Flawed hopup design that leaks air like a seive and unwinds on its own, flawed mechbox design incapable of handling springs over M130 for very long. But hey, it looks teh uber sex when you're sitting in the safe zone, right?
That why i changed the front end for a shorter one on my sr25, change the bearing bushing (which is no non for a gun firing 400fps) and change the spring for an m120. Still like the look of the sr25 (thoses 7.62 mag are so nice) but plan to use the gun for normal use.

When i want to play sniper; i will buy a bolt action...
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