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Originally Posted by gvanzeggelaar View Post
thanks a lot for all the replies people. I think i am going to go with a tm vsr 10 seeing that a lot of people have suggested this as a sniper rifle.
Thanks again,
Keep in mind with the TM VSR you'll have to buy a Zero Trigger + Zero piston set ($200+) if you want to upgrade it over 400fps. Even aftermarket sears will snap shortly after insallation. The TM VSR isn't the best bolt action rifle out there for upgrading since there is a lot of upgrades required for it. I'd suggest a Maruzen APS2-SV as your first sniper rifle. If you were an experienced sniper and had the means to reinforce/understand/work on, flat out the CA M24, but because it's a workhorse that needs reinforcing, it's not a beginner's gun.
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