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Do you have 1-peice or 2-peice (TM-style) hopup? Some air leakage can be moderated by judicious use of teflon tape, some people have success vs. the unwinding using a tiny o-ring behind one of the hopup gears (the one closest to the mechbox) like the new Prometheus units. Some people resort to buying a new hopup unit.

For what it's worth, the CA TM-style 2 peice replacement unit is the absolute worst POS for air leakage in my experience. It's hard, inflexible plastic that has casting marks. The metal and plastic G&P 1-peice unit I had for a while was OK, but the c-clip that keeps the barrel/hopup rubber straight broke (very brittle blue plastic).

I don't have first-hand experience with the Prometheus 1-peice units, but they intrigue me. They have 2 extra o-rings to help prevent air leakage (one where the hopup mates to the mag, the other where it mates to the barrel) in higher FPS setups. Element copied the Prometheus design for their plastic 1-peice unit.
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