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Originally Posted by mapcinq View Post
Ive fired off my cannon...
Let me guess, you were cleaning it once and it accidentally went off?

Just for the sake of stirring up shit, here's my opinion on sniper rifles in airsoft and their usage.

1/ Sniper rifle should never be used as a primary weapon unless you are crawling around and avoiding all contact. Consider my mentality, if you run into an ambush along your way, what are you gonna use to defend yourself, be it on purpose or accidentally? Me, I mostly have either one of my MP5s or a pistol (MK23) as my primary, my sniper rifles are ALWAYS for "Special Purpose Usage"; when it's safe (from being spotted or my target is at least 100ft away), when I can get away with it, etc. 90% of the time it's slung on my back.

2/ An AEG should only be up to (or above) 450fps when it's NOT a primary weapon. If it IS to be used as a primary weapon, the user should have the full confidence and trust of those he plays with and against.

3/ An AEG as a primary weapon should abide by the 400fps limit, unless, as pointed out above, the user should have the full confidence and trust of those he plays against and with, and will never have more than one BB in the air at a time.

4/ I've seen too many AEGs set up as sniper rifles used within 40ft (heck, one instance I've heard about was a 40-50ft headshot with a 585fps bolt action.) I never shoot within 80ft with a 450fps rifle, hence my saying a sniper AEG should never be used as a primary if over 400fps.

5/ AEG sniper rifles above 400fps should never be used for fast follow up shots. Fire one shot, watch the BB's flight path, compensate and fire again. Treat it like a bolt action. I've seen too many 400fps+ M14s this year firing "" even from 60ft away. Want to run a sniper type rifle, learn marksmanship and how to use a hot gun respectfully. Two to three rounds in the air at the same time isn't skill, it's compensating for the lack of skill.

I've come under fire recently because I used a 470fps M24 bolt action this year as a "once in a while" gun, and largely the complaints have come from games I wasn't at, and were directed at others. I'm an easy scapegoat because people trust me, and no one has EVER complained about my rifle usage, even when I've used my 550fps M700 at games. Nor have I ever had a sniper rifle turned away at a game by the owner or even players. Hence my rant above, as well as what I expect people to abide by. My rules aren't way out there, they are totally reasonable and safe. Which is why I decided to cause shit with this post, I'm venting for being blamed for something when I wasn't even within 50km of the game.

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