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Originally Posted by Dracheous View Post
A sniper himself is just someone who spends 90% of his time, waiting and watching, and maybe 10% of his time shooting, there is of course a lot of training and skill that goes into making such a person efficeint at such tasks. In Stalkers case its, 40% watching and waiting, 15% shooting, 30% drinking, 5% leaving a traceable trail of ghille threads and 8% yelling ***** randomly and 2% leaving marked tampons on his victims.
Can't argue much with that. Except I don't drink when playing.

Originally Posted by Rukus View Post
One of our guys just got an SVD. I'll let you know how it is after he shoots me with it a couples times lol.
Greylocks has one, it's pretty cool, more so it uses AEG springs and is easy to swap then around as required.
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