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Originally Posted by Greylocks View Post
Does anyone else here find it fascinating that many people define or describe real guns and gun types they have never fired?
Just because someone has not pulled the trigger on a certain classification or particular fire-arm does not necessarily mean they can not know what it is or does. "Have you fired a howitzer? If not, how can you possibly know what it is or does? " Such an argument is retarded.

Stalker's right though, a lot of people have been mislead by some information found on the inter-webs of "truth". A sniper rifle can be .20 cal and still considered a sniper rifle. The general idea of a sniper rifle is that it will always hit its target at a preset range. Such a rifle should be able to knock down this target with sufficient force that only one round is required. Most sniper rifles are found in the .30 calibre range, most notably the NATO 7.62x51mm is the accepted best all around sniper round.

A sniper himself is just someone who spends 90% of his time, waiting and watching, and maybe 10% of his time shooting, there is of course a lot of training and skill that goes into making such a person efficeint at such tasks. In Stalkers case its, 40% watching and waiting, 15% shooting, 30% drinking, 5% leaving a traceable trail of ghille threads and 8% yelling ***** randomly and 2% leaving marked tampons on his victims.

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