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Originally Posted by HaZarD SFD View Post
Dunno man we had an M14 up at 470fps and it shot a hell of alot straighter and in windy weather than a 400fps rifle
And you guys caused some complaints because of two shots per second trying to hit your targets which caused a clampdown on fps limits at the local field. Higher fps does have it's advantages, I won't argue that, but AEG usage at those velocities are often abused.

Originally Posted by Ronan View Post
Then feel free to take it up with

Keep us updated so we can refer to you as 'the man who changed the dictionary'

Amos - BA + black BB's = they won't know where its comming from as much as a real one would.
Ronan, you are bringing up "internet fact" from one single source and trying to argue against common sense/general knowledge. According to that, the M40, the M24, heck, any rifle in 7.62x51mm that is tuned for accuracy and has a maximum effective range of 1000m isn't considered a sniper rifle. Only .50cal rifles are according to that description, and most .50cal rifles aren't considered sniper rifles.

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