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my modifying an AEG to shoot at those speeds is dangerous for the gun. I wouldn't be surprised if your gun broke after a mag or so. In Ontario, at least at the fields that i play at, snipers are capped at 450 fps, full auto AEG's are capped at 400fps, but that might be in semi as well. Reason being is that even in semi auto, you can dump a lot more shots into a target then you can with a bolt action. i wouldn't be surprised if you were restricted to that. Even then, your mechbox will be under a lot of stress. If you dont like gas and want an all year round sniper, get a spring bolt action. Ive heard a lot of good from the TM VSR-10 line, but it is really up to you. That way, you can have consistent shots at 450 fps and use the gun w.e you want to because it wont be affected by temp.
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