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If anybody has an idea where to get some nice wood handguards and stock please post.
Ebay look for a seller called waffenkrieg he's had 1 in stock every week for the past month.

I just got my FN and I'm quite impressed as well.

I've already done a full take down and plan on doing a complete upgrade (gearbox + wood kit) next week so I'll post up when I'm done.

The only issues I've noticed is that the wiring has very tight tolerances around the gearbox and can be a bit of a pain to get back together. The main feed into the gearbox passes through the mag well so be careful to note how its routed as when you put it back together if it's not fitted quite right your mags will not click in fully. The wiring on the sides of the gearbox pass through non-obvious channels in the side of the reciever. Inspect it thoroughly when re-inserting the gearbox and it will make your life easier. Also be sure to check the routing of the wiring next to the selector teeth. It's very easy to get the wiring too close to them and it will cause your selector to stick and chew the wires up.

The screws they use are high quality (hard to strip) compared to other guns I've worked on (TM M14, TM AK, TM G3, CA Mp5, CA G36) and all the threads are straight into the metal body (no hidden nuts like on the TM AK) Over all its very solid.

The body uses a combination of phillips heads and metric Allen keys nothing unusual airsoft wise.

The stock and pistol grip seem quite solid but the fore grip feels quite cheap.

The gearbox is a straight up V3 with no surprises. It's 6mm bushings and it uses the KA red plastic selector and tappet plate which don't look like they'll take much punishment but you can replace everything without difficulty.

The hopup resembles a CA G36 hopup but it's quite a bit longer. I'm investigating what I could use as a replacement if need be.

The full length rifle uses a 509mm (Std M16 barrel length) barrel. Which is important to note as no suppliers I've checked have had that information on there websites.

The gun also uses the KA custom motor and motor mount (half way in size between a V2 and a V3) but could be replaced with a stock V3 motor and bracket without much difficulty. That is assuming you have any issues with there motor. It's worked fine for me so far.

I just bought a real steel Aussie wood kit for the FAL. The fore grip fit with little effort (just some filling to make it snug) the pistol grip is almost a waste of time since its completely incompatible with the airsoft parts. As for the stock it comes with a pre-drilled hole (for the cleaning kit) with some work could accomodate a stick battery or a mini. It's is just slightly to thin for a large. Working a hole to fit a large battery is possible with the stock I have but would compromise the structure. But I've decided to just make a replica. One of the advantages of having a fully equipped wood shop in your basement...

I've also found an L2A2 Trillux RDS (issue!) on ebay with a mount for an M16. All I need now is the proper rail and instant L1A1... with full auto that is.
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