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Originally Posted by Relja View Post
WELL l96 is on sale from A&A for 349 i think + tax and shipping. It comes with scope and speed loader, magazine and some others i think. Ken from 007 had a well l96 a while ago he was selling it for 500+shipping, but with no scope. Although i have read some positive reviews for it.
I got the one from A&A... I should probably do a review on it or something... But oh well.

It's fairly decent... It's a good starter platform... I am extremely impressed with the scope... impressed enough not to change it for something else...

Downsides to the gun, The inner barrel and hopup unit... I'll be honest. They suck.

The inner barrel is 6.12 and only about 350-400mm long... it gets decent range.. but it's not known for reaching out and placing shot after shot within the same area @ 150 feet +

The hopup... It's.. a pain in the ass to adjust.. you need to have an allen key... so adjusting on the fly is rather difficult.. And.. well the adjustments don't see to do much other than make the BB's fly off to the left or right (I just could NOT get it to go straight..) (Note: This was using KSC perfect .30's)

Other than that.. It's awesome for the price...

This is a project gun. It's 99.9% compatible with APS-2 L96 parts.. so I'm going to be exchanging the hopup and barrel...

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