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Sorry had to ditch in this little comment (yes again I miss the good threads as they happen)

but.. Danke lol flame is banned again for 2 weeks. Shell shocked? Nahh he fired off another shell and it came back and hit him this time.

--- anywhoo back on topic.

"there will be about 20 grand going into merchandise and marketing im not getting those cheap pieces of crap some people call airsoft"

Is this serious or a joke? Take the advice of some other people in this thread then sit down and create a business plan. Then read up on everything you're looking at doing... Even if you had 100,000 dollars to throw around, it doesn't mean you'll have a more successful business... it'll just mean that the butt load of money you just spent will turn to dust if/when the business falls through because you didn't research enough beforehand.

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