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A Tm De hardkick with some upgraded springs, tighter barrel, a highflow valve in each mag and a zeke metal slide kit would be fairly schmexy though, Id use it as a primary instead of a seconday. Thats only if I ever went insane and bought another DE.
There's almost no need for the high flows - it's plenty consistent with the stock valves and out of the box shoots a steady 300fps on 0.28g BBs... roughly 355fps on 0.20g. A tightbore might bring that up a bit, though adding a 10" Zeke kit with appropriate inner barrel would really make a difference. The metal slide gives the hand cannon a nice weight but makes the blowback less fun - you feel the recoil more with the plastic slide.

From experience, forget the drop leg unless you mount it like a dropped belt holster. There's simply too much mass there to make it comfortable or stationery for long.

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