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My DE was more of a burden to carry, a gas hog and a cannon to fire.
Hated it, thats why I sold it.

Rocking a beautiful KJ M9 now, smaller easier to use.
But if you like desert eagles, then thats your thing then.

As for a primary, think of it like this. In the simplest terms electric airsoft guns run off of a battery powered motor that drives gears to crank a piston and spring, which compress back and spring forward to push air down a cylinder which is squeezed through a nozel to propel a BB down the barrel.

Despite the fact that there are multiple ways to achieve that set up, its all based on the same idea. So with that in mind really all you have to do is pick how you want this process to be represented. In this instance you have choosen the M16, decent gun, rather large for my likings, but to each their own. With Armlites there are many easy available upgrades out there.

As for your choice about a secondary, same thing as above, gas guns have their BBs and gas stored in the mags, when the trigger is pulled a hammer contacts against a button on the back of the magazine causing gas to become expelled and push the BB down the barrel.

All gas guns are essentially the same idea, but once again its up to you to decide how you would like this process housed, but in this case it would be important to consider your brands, budget and options, as some guns are not as friendly to green gas and propane as others are. Best to hit up some googling or the search function on our website here.

Either way, welcome aboard.

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