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Arman, what I said is that they DO look at, and scan, packages inside Canada. Not as often as those coming across the border, but they look more than people know. If that is what you meant, sorry. I thought you were saying they never looked.

The flame was for Digital Blue, who painfully needs to inform himself before giving advice. Specially when the advice can cause severe injury.

To create fake bullets, you need: Empty casings, the bullets, a reloading press, skill.
To disarm live rounds you need: A bullet puller, a bucket of liquid WD-40, time to let the primers get destroyed by the WD-40, safe disposal of the powder, and a reloading press plus the skill to remove the dead primers and put the rounds back together.

When dealing with real guns and real gun parts/ammo, never take stupid risks or guesswork. Ask someone who knows their stuff. You dont 'respawn' from those injuries.

There's enough people here who DO know their stuff, ask them instead of quoting things you 'read' someplace.
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